The First Book

THE EARTHS DIVIDE is the anticipated title of a book series that is currently in the process of self editing.  Logan has the hopes of one day being published. The first book entitled thus far as “The Devil’s Gate” is almost finished, at least with the 1st draft.

The Devil’s Gate is situated at one of the most beautiful schools in the United States; UC Santa Barbara. There are 6 main characters who collectively form the group called THE ECHOES.

Jet, the primary character, and the rest of the gang have become interested in a series of events and weather catastrophes that have gripped the world over the last several years. A pattern emerges along with a deep connection to a fable of ancient Egypt, a treasure hunt by German soldiers, and bestowed gifts.

Jet recognizes that past events and family treasures will impact his life and those around him.  The book begins on New Year’s Day in 2001.  Jet is just thirteen years old and struggling to find himself in his group of friends.  It was made much easier with the newest addition to the group, Samantha.  She had helped him out of several tights spots and they had forged a friendship deep and lasting.  But on this day, their friendship would change as would the friendships of each of the Echoes.

Years later the gang was brought back together by college and the hope of regaining their early friendship.  The past, that each had hoped that had changed them for forever, was catching back up to them.  They discover new friends and new foes.  It readily become apparent that hey are being attacked from close by and from the earth itself.  Will they be able to find the answers in time, and will they have the friendship, strength, and courage to do something about it.

Come along for the ride as The Echoes battle an earthly force and dangers from all around them.


One Response to The First Book

  1. Logan says:

    Sounds very interesting! Hope for the best!!

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