Additional Characters

The importance of secondary characters depends on how you want the story to move.  They help develop and often finalize the story.  The main characters or Echoes need a supporting cast to keep things moving.  And here they are:

Nana – The grandmother of Jet has lived in Coquille for years, until a disaster forced her and Jet to move to Portland.  She is great for Jet and keeps him balanced and grounded.  She just might have a few insights and tricks unnoticed to Jet.  Or where they??

Raul – A good friend of Jet’s, they were roommates their first year at UC Santa Barbara.   Raul has a troubling past and a huge secret.  Jet shares that secret and in the end, it may destroy both of them.

Ariana – Is the twin sister of Raul and the love interest for Jet.  After Raul left school during their freshman year, things fell apart for Jet and Ariana.  Who knows what the sophomore year will bring them.

Shane – Is the leader of the Dark Knights and a one time potential friend of Jet.  That did not turn out as he would have expected.  Raul has now joined the ark Knights and this upsets Jet.  No one can ever understand what Shane is really up to.

Autumn – Is a Teacher’s Assistant and has asked Jet to help her in the lab.  This confuses Jet because, he and Autumn have a history.  Although it is short and not so sweet.  There is something intriguing about Autumn for Jet and if he doesn’t watch out, something might just happen between them.

Jackson – Is the first of roommates for Jet.  He is a big brute that comes to the aid of Jet more than once.

Rick – Is the second roommate of Jet.  Rick is a masked intellectual and often thinks too much.  They love to play the X-box and throw a good party now and then.


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