The Echoes

The Echoes is not a band – though they wish they were that talented.  The Echoes are a group of friends that comprise the main characters of my book in progess. This book is still in the writing and editing stages. This is my first attempted manuscript with the intention of publishing, though that appears a long ways away. The Echoes met in Elementary School and were joined at the hip until a serious natural disaster occured in their hometown.

Jet Taley:

Is the primary character of the book who learns a lot about himself and his important family. Jet believes himself ordinary but soon learns the vision and planning of generations and his place in history. Though the other main characters will interact and interface with Jet, the primary story line flows through him. “Jet” is also a nickname, his given name being Joshua E. Taley which Jet refuses to allow anyone to call him, except Nana.

Samantha Downs:

Is the last member to join the group and typically she prefers to go by Sam. The Devil’s Gate starts a few months after she first meets the group, in seventh grade. It was a an interesting day for a few boys who planned on pulling a trick on Jet. She is inspiring, level headed, and yet, can imagine the unbelievable. Sam has a calming ability that will be critically needed.

Jayco Carter:

Is the leader of The Echos and is a born leader. Large, strong, and the typical Alpha male of the group. Jayco also loves to party, explore, entertain, lives for excitement; as he will soon learn in The Devil’s Gate.

Grantham Silver:

Is often seen as the side kick of Jayco but he can hold his own. He is one of the fastest runners in the county and one of the smartest. Grantham can push and shove with the best of them. His speed and smarts will be needed and enjoyed by the rest of the group

Meia Mullins:

Is roommates and best friends with Sam. She loves and relishes to think within the box. This helps her move towards becoming a Doctor but may be her biggest trial as the adventures and disasters mount. Meia loves to push everyone past where they are comfortable, but hates to be pushed herself.

Seyanna Motika:

Is for all purposes is the outcast of the group. While all the rest choose college, she craves the wilderness, nature, self preservation, and new adventures. Disaster may bring her back to her friends but disaster is where Seyanna thrives. When Seyanna is running on all cylinders even Jayco better watch out. Seyanna can be tough, smart, and cunning. She is often the life of the party.

The Echos experienced an unexpected separation of their friendship and will choose to reunite again. Their friendships will be tested by avoidance, deception, and maybe some betrayal. Although the book begins in Junior High, the majority of the book will be during the second year of college at the University of Santa Barbara. But the real question is why were they separated so long, and what disasters are lurking ahead of them.

Several other Characters are vitally important during this journey and will soon have their own page and explanation.


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