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Now that I am writing a book, I have learned 10 great things

I have recently [within the last year] decided to try something new. It has been amazing and thrilling. I have decided to try to write a book. It has been much more difficult than I would have ever expected. I have been working on it for almost 9 months now. Continue reading

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Unexpected forgetfulness.

As I am ending my first draft of my first book, I have reluctantly noticed that in attempting to refer back to an idea or name, earlier in the draft, I am having immense difficulty remembering that name or item. Continue reading

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A Storyline Crossroad

My attempts to improve my plot and background have lead me, this week, to a “story line crossroad.” Plots can have twists and turns of the unexpected. But can you have a twist that doesn’t necessarily hurt the overall plot but doesn’t help it either. Continue reading

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