A Complete Cut of 17,000 Words.

A few months ago I began my journey of editing, I thought I knew what I was doing.  I was dead wrong.  When I finally linked all the chapters of my book, I found out that I was about 50,000 words or more, too long.  I began editing and have changed about 70% of my manuscript in the first eight chapters.  In addition I have cut, slashed, and dumped over 17,000 words.  I have about 400 pages written, but, my 17,000 words were cut in the first 70 pages.  This probably is largely due to the fact that this is my first real book writing exercise.  Therefore, I have rewritten chapters that needed a better clarification and completely axed other chapters.  When you know that you have a lot to cut, it helps to take out the least important details.

I have had a few suggestions to cut almost nothing but turn the book into two books.  This could work in other circumstances, but I have difficult seeing how this would work.  My climax doesn’t occur to later in the book.  I would have to add a few more chapters.  That seems to be a stretch.  I love the plot of my book and it would be hard to cut the more important parts.

Cutting words hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be.  There are portions of the story that are much more tied to my heart while others just help move the story along.  They are essential in character development and setting the plot in motion.  Some scenes were just a blast to write and I am even more excited about editing those scenes.


Update – Am continuing to edit, what a blast…well not really.  I am currently up to over 60,000 words edited.  What an interesting way to make a story work.  Not sure when I will finish. Am over half way done with editing.  It is an experience all its own.


About earthsdivide

Learning something new can be hard to do. But why not! I love what I do and what I am trying to do. It hasn't been easy but writing is fun to do. To tell a good story takes hard work and a lot of effort, hopefully, I can do both. But if I can't it will still be a great time.
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4 Responses to A Complete Cut of 17,000 Words.

  1. verymad says:

    Once, I was told to cut 100% of my book – I guess they didn’t like it.

  2. I remember doing what you’re doing. I’m just a tiny bit further down the road than you. It’s great that you are so open to cutting parts and reworking your book. I’ve rewritten my book completely several times now and am currently adding a 3rd person POV from the enemy’s side of things to deepen the experience for the reader. The rest of my MS is in 1st person POV as that is my favorite type of book to read. Have you done any sort of snowflake method or outline of your book? I found that very helpful when balancing my book. The first “real” editor that read my MS encouraged me to work on the balance of the book and the pacing.

    • earthsdivide says:

      I used an outline – but I didn’t use the snowflake method to draft my novel. My problems was that when I pieced everything together I was at 215,000 words. I had written each chapter in a different file. It wasn’t until the end that I found out I had so many words. I could of cut it in half. My only option was too cut as many words as I could. Thanks for your comment. I will have to work on better balance and pacing. That is great advice!!!

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