A Writing Competition

I have now officially entered my first writing competition.  I am excited and not sure what exactly I should expect.  The Writing Competition is for the Pikes Peak Writers Contest.  The Competition is based in several different categories including: Children’s, Historical Fiction, Mainstream, Mystery/Suspense/Intrigue, Romance, Young Adult, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, and Short Story.

Each Category will receive a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finisher.  There will be judges in each category.  I choose to submit my manuscript.  Therefore, I had a requirement of 1,250 word synopsis or book summary and the first 4,000 words including the prologue and 1st chapter.  This made it fun.  I hadn’t written a synopsis up to this point.  It was challenging to put into two pages over 500 pages of writing.  I expect that everyone has this difficulty.  I found myself storytelling again.  It took a couple of drafts and some good friends to honestly tell me, “I am very confused.”

As part of the competition, there is also the opportunity to have two people critique what you send them.  Of course, it is an extra cost, but I hope that it will be well worth it.  The Writing Competition is also in conjunction with a Writing Conference in Colorado Springs, April 29th – May 1st, and I hope to be in attendance for this conference.

My Synopsis took longer than I had hoped.  I will add it to this post in hopes to get any feedback as I continue to edit everything that I do.

What experiences have you had in your synopsis or book competitions.  Don’t hesitate to share!!!

SynopsisThe Devil’s Gate

The Earth’s Divide is an ancient tablet rumored to be a product of an Egyptian fable.  But what if it’s meaning and relevance expands to explain a series of natural disasters that are unfolding throughout the world?  Jet Talley, a member of a childhood group called The Echoes, lived through the first of these devastating natural disasters.

The morning of New Years Day 2001, arrived with a thick blue fog preceding the destruction of Jet’s home town of Coquille, Oregon. As the disaster unfolded, so does the awareness of growing super abilities that affect his vision and his movements.  These abilities granted Jet an avenue to escape the wreckage that was his own house.

The other members of The Echoes include: Sam Downs, Seyanna Motika, Jayco Carter, Grantham Silver, and Meia Mullins,   Jet will realize, sooner than ever imagined, the importance of his friends and their role in the fight against the tablet of The Earth’s Divide.

Years later, The Echoes reunite on the campus of UC Santa Barbara in California, to begin their freshman year’s classes.   The sole exception is Seyanna, who traded in school life for an arctic expedition with her parents.  However, her return during their sophomore year will be just as startling as it is important. Jet sets out to repair much of the damage their friendships suffered over the past few years.  Jet’s fear to share his abilities, along with the details of the destruction in Coquille, are just a few dilemmas affecting their friendship.

Jet’s freshman girlfriend, Ariana Rios, is the twin sister of his old roommate Raul. A tragedy struck Raul and he left school for a few months.  Jet tried to make things work with Ariana, but in the end, the pressure was too much and their relationship fell apart.  As the new school year begins, Jet’s first encounter with Ariana starts out well enough but it soon leaves a bad taste in his mouth.  Just as things start to feel normal between them again, the last person in the world that Jet would have ever wanted to see walks up, Shane Fallon.

Shane Fallon was the first person Jet saw on campus.  Everything has gone down from there.  Shane is very charismatic and the leader of a group called The Dark Angels.  This group is six members and very little is known about them.  As a group, they dress the same, are always together, and are extremely secretive.  The most intriguing aspect of this group is that they seem to be the parent group of several other groups with similar names, members, and clothing.

Jet, named after his great uncle Joshua, grew up hating his name because of many stories he was told about him.  First and foremost, Jet’s uncle was killed by a mob for being a Sorcerer.   Jet, of course, never truly believed this. Second, Jet was always convinced that his uncle was a raving crazy who spent the majority of his life searching the hills of Coquille for lost treasure.

Several days into the semester, Jet receives a large wooden crate containing what he believes are items that had been forgotten at home.  Instead, the crate contains several ancient Egyptian artifacts, a cloak, a diary, jewelry, books and other items.  He also learns about his true family heritage through a letter from his Grandmother.  These items were found in an unknown and forgotten storage unit tied to his family. Most of the items belonged to his Great Uncle, Joshua.  Jet, who is initially shocked by what he finds, soon learns their importance and a much deeper and troubling meaning of each item.

The diary describes an Egyptian folklore, based more on reality, than a fable.  Jet learns about four compatriots; The Black Lion, The Owl, The Falcon and The Snake, who became divided on how to use the powers of The Earth’s Divide tablet.  In the end, The Snake and The Falcon forged a partnership with the devilish prisoner, The Dark One, to use the Earth’s Divide to control the inhabitants of the world.  The Black Lion and The Owl vowed to protect the tablet, at any cost.  A fierce battle took place deep within a cavern.   The Falcon and The Snake were defeated resulting in the breaking of the tablet into twelve pieces.  They were taken as slaves for The Dark One.  The twelve broken pieces of the tablet were placed into the Chest of Protection for storage.  Before being banished, The Dark One created a way to escape using the tablet.  He would be released after a series of dates, resulting in the power of the tablet being used to ignite a worldwide calamity. Whoever controls the tablets, will control The Dark One.  For protection, The Black Lion and The Owl willfully gave their lives to provide powers and instructions to the protectors of The Earth’s Divide.

Jet learns that his great uncle was chosen as a protector and he was indeed a Sorcerer.  It is the only way to provide protection of The Earth’s Divide.  Jet chooses to inherit this responsibility.  The other members of the Echoes pledge to do all they can. With the knowledge of the series of disasters, they realize that the first date in the pattern of destruction occurred when their hometown of Coquille was destroyed.

Jet sets out to find the history of The Earth’s Divide and any information that would help tract down the Chest of Protection.  To his horror he learns that Hitler himself became aware of the fable and the tablet.  He sent a group of soldiers to track and locate the tablet, to use for his own world domination.  He was successful in finding the tablet and separating the twelve pieces throughout the world, but he didn’t know the timing of its destruction.

With luck and determination, Jet finds the chest in a Swiss museum of artifacts from Hitler’s house and other WWII objects.   Through weeks of preparation and planning, the only conclusion is to replace the crate, inside the museum, with a fake.  Just when it looks like they are going to succeed, members of The Dark Angels show up in Switzerland to do the same.  Jet and the Echoes narrowly escape with the chest but their work is far from over.

Jet and the Echoes must return to Coquille for the first time in many years.  One of the pieces of the tablet must be found and protected.   The cave entrance, hidden on a hill just outside of Coquille was the epicenter of the destruction. The Echoes will learn that it also holds The Earth’s Divide tablet piece.  Along their way they encounter a mythical creature and almost succumb to the cave itself and the many disasters that lay within.  They learn that they are just minutes ahead of another group intending to use the tablet with evil intentions.  It is just a matter of time before they will be found.  The final room of the cave is one that Jet has already seen, at least in a vision or a trance.  It contains the piece of the tablet and several other items and artifacts.  Just as they are preparing to leave the cave, voices travel from the just outside.   A battle ensues and Jet and the Echoes barely escape with the piece of tablet.  It is then that Jet realizes this is only the first of twelve important pieces of The Earth’s Divide tablet.


About earthsdivide

Learning something new can be hard to do. But why not! I love what I do and what I am trying to do. It hasn't been easy but writing is fun to do. To tell a good story takes hard work and a lot of effort, hopefully, I can do both. But if I can't it will still be a great time.
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  1. Melissa says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! I can’t wait to read the entire novel.

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