A SetBack in Editing

Writing is fantastic, editing not so much.  It seems that it is a necessary evil and a very important part of preparing your manuscript.  Over the past year or so I have hit many different walls in my quest to finish.  Including in these problems are:  computer crash, vacation, writing blocks, and even my fair share of lack of motivation.  Last week, my problems hit a new low.

Yep, that’s right a broken thumb.

I, therefore, was and am not surprised by the amount of things that need a proper working thumb.  Picking up my soda is the least of my concern.  Getting dressed [especially zippers, buttons and shoe laces], protect myself from falling, typing, writing, opening a lid to anything, and much more.  I have felt and have been told that I am now a handicap.  That isn’t to say that I really am of course, but, it almost feels that way.

My editing occurs on my computer.  One handed editing seems so pointless that I almost want to wait the 6 weeks required to heal until I restart.  Almost!!!

I broke my thumb doing something fun though, that should count for something.  I was playing basketball and my hand was hit instead of the ball.  It was really a benign play that cause my thumb to be dislocated, backwards.  I pulled and tugged on my thumb to get it back into place.  Don’t worry….I am a professional!!! [I really am].    The thumb went back into place, I taped it, and played another two hours.   It was fantastic.

After the adrenaline wore off, I knew something was wrong.  But to be honest, I knew something was wrong from the moment it was injured.  Grinding of the bone, so loud that you can audible hear it, will do that for you.

But hopefully, my typing skills will continue to improve and I will be back on tract with editing.  Al be it, much slower than before.  I wonder if I could hire a monkey to type for me. Wouldn’t that be great!!!


About earthsdivide

Learning something new can be hard to do. But why not! I love what I do and what I am trying to do. It hasn't been easy but writing is fun to do. To tell a good story takes hard work and a lot of effort, hopefully, I can do both. But if I can't it will still be a great time.
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One Response to A SetBack in Editing

  1. tevita says:

    Downsides to getting a monkey to type for you: 1.) He might do a better job editing. 2.) He’ll demand co-author credit.

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