The First Draft is Finished

I am certainly not in first place, but there is a sense of satisfaction as I cross the first of many finish lines!

These last three weeks I have really seen the end in sight.  It has been  difficult yet exalting as I was moving towards finishing my first manuscript.  On one hand, finishing was all that I could think of.   Fear of failure is what I am trying to avoid.

My dreams, day-dreams, thoughts and actions would all circle around this inevitable conclusion.  Of course, I could find a way to write forever, but too what end.  I have had a few days of fantastic writing in the last three weeks.

A few fantastic days of writing  in the last three weeks were seen.  Three of my most productive days were the following;  8,000 words one week ago, another with 5,500 and finally the day that I finished my manuscript, I hit 5,200 words.  It was two in the morning and I was unable to stop until I had finished.  What a relief.

Of course, the endless work doesn’t stop, the next point is transition into editing, getting the chapters worked out well enough and spacing, spelling, and grammar.  It is though a large enough change that it will take a moment to move into something new.  Words and pages are tangible points of ensuring that I was moving forward and I was grateful for it.  I am not sure if pages for editing will be a good manner to pinpoint my success.

I have begun editing the first few chapters and a common theme emerges, there is a lot of changes and some days of writing were definitely better than others.  I am not surprised but I hope that I don’t miss too many theme problem and concept errors.  I will need, at some point, to ask for an outside participant to edit.  I have found an editor that is willing to help.  I am glad and excited.

What kind of problems did you run into once  your manuscript was finished?

How long did it take you to edit your masterpiece?

Fill me in!!


About earthsdivide

Learning something new can be hard to do. But why not! I love what I do and what I am trying to do. It hasn't been easy but writing is fun to do. To tell a good story takes hard work and a lot of effort, hopefully, I can do both. But if I can't it will still be a great time.
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