Finding the Crux of the Story

Many of the great stories have a moment that arrives that changes everything within the story. It may come down to a single line, a few paragraphs or a few pages, or even a specific theme.

This change is what I would call – The Crux of the Story.  Think about your story, the one you are writing…or reading. Have you identified the Crux yet?

The Crux is when a few words solidify the story and move it in the direction, past the breaking point.

That is the point that I reached last week while working on my own manuscript. By no means does it mean that I am finished – trust me…there is a long way to go.  Remember, the crux in your story may or may not also be the climax of the story.  Sometimes it is hard to decipher which is which.

Writing in third person allows an outside sources to tell part of the story such as a news report, a newspaper, or a letter. My crux is a fable that is found in a lost diary. Other things are also revealed within the diary, but its the fable that synches everything.  It bridges the gap with where my story has been and where needs to go.

Writing the crux of the story has been some of my favorite writing all time.   My main character Jet, a member of the group The Echoes,  received the diary from a family member who had publicly been known as a lunatic. This family member was killed by a mob.  But the diary was hidden, along with several other items in a hidden storage unit.

After years of family deception, Jet learns that the family member was not a lunatic, but rather a sorcerer…and that’s why he was killed. But more importantly, Jet has now inherited the responsibility to protect the items he was given…and much more.

My crux is a story of 4 Kings:  The Black Lion, The Owl, The Falcon, and The Snake.  A battle between these forces, many years ago, is why Jet the sorcerer is needed today.  He discovers the importance of a hidden artifact.  He needs to find this artifact to survive.

I’m not a big outliner of my chapters or story. I generally have a mild thought process of where I want the story to go.  Call it, some high points or benchmarks.

The crux is a very important benchmark and I love the fact that I am here living it.  Much of the story still remains, but the fogginess that was so thick just a few days ago, is clearing quite nicely.

I m so excited about where things go from here. It won’t be smooth sailing but I am happy that I’ve reached this point. I was getting a little anxious about timing. It now seems to have worked itself out perfectly.

The one thing that I’ve been wondering…is a crux dependent on the reader. Could one persons crux be different than someone else.  An interesting thought??

Please share your crux writing with us in our comment section.


About earthsdivide

Learning something new can be hard to do. But why not! I love what I do and what I am trying to do. It hasn't been easy but writing is fun to do. To tell a good story takes hard work and a lot of effort, hopefully, I can do both. But if I can't it will still be a great time.
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