A Storyline Crossroad

The debate over which is more important, Plot or Characters seems to continue raging.  Personally, I am not as concerned with this debate, as I am for say…… finishing writing my book.

I believe, to be given the opportunity to publish, I will need outstanding marks in both areas.  I struggle with my sentence structure daily and how to make my characters more interesting, moving and my plot more fascinating.  It is a challenge – at least for me.

My attempts to improve my plot and background have led me, this week, to a “story line crossroad.”  In preparing for writing I did not sit down and write out a detailed summary or outline where I wanted things to go.  I have several “set in stone” endpoints or landings in my story.    What happens between these is often fluid and can change and that is one of the things I love most about writing.  I may have a soft plan in my head, but by the end of my writing time frame, that can change dramatically.

It is in one of these fluid moments that I have come to a crossroad.  Plots can have twists and turns of the unexpected.  But can you have a twist that doesn’t necessarily hurt the overall plot but doesn’t help it either.  I am at that point, well maybe.  Because it is hard to tell where a story will go, I wonder if my plot crossroad may cause serious harm to my overall story.

I could take the high ground and take a conservative yet prudent path that wouldn’t divert the attention away from the main part of the story.  Or….I could be flashy, add an extra chapter, and kill a character along the way.  Though the character is very minimal, his death or lack of death, could change everything.  And then I would have to deal with those consequences being, the flow of the story.  It is essentially a simple break-in or a death…..what a difference!!

My decision has come down to one primary question……Does the character need to be killed???? This question is important on a few levels and spouts a few more thoughts.  First, this would be the first introduction of death in my book, at least close up.  Second, someone will need to die sooner or later.  But is this the right character.

In the end, I think that I will go with a more conservative route.  His face needs to be seen by my primary characters, a group that calls themselves: The Echoes.  But I will have to come up with a better way.  Maybe a neighbor will see his face or he will be caught on a security camera.  Both are good options and will help me solve my “story line crossroad“.


About earthsdivide

Learning something new can be hard to do. But why not! I love what I do and what I am trying to do. It hasn't been easy but writing is fun to do. To tell a good story takes hard work and a lot of effort, hopefully, I can do both. But if I can't it will still be a great time.
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